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Welcome to your new hometown: Strasburg

Please visit the Village Office which is located in the Community Center located on Commercial Street across from the Post Office to learn about utilities and other useful information.

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Strasburg Community foundation

The Strasburg Community Foundation enables all of us to reach across the ages by contributing funds that will grow, produce and affect those who are living and those yet to be born.  Donations can go to both short term and long range plans for Strasburg.  

Organizations, businesses, or individuals may apply for a foundation grant for something that will benefit the community. This is a matching 50/50 grant.  Grants have been used for a sound system, acoustic panels, and Bathroom Doors at the Community Building, and basketball goals and mulch at the park.

Application for Foundation Grant.  Application is due March 31 each year.

fiber optics internet TV

Girls summer softball league


Local organizations

At Strasburg’s Recognition Celebration on December 11, Village President Cinda Held presented the 2020 Volunteer of the Year award to Ian and Stephanie Kinkley.  As per Mrs. Held, “This couple is involved in many organizations and clubs throughout our village and surrounding area.  Just in this past year they have been observed volunteering at the Lion’s Club Homecoming, Main Street Makeover, Footlong Fundraiser, pancake breakfasts, Little Hatchets Soccer Field, Memorial Day program, and much, much more.  They have demonstrated an urge to help lead our community through the village board and worked to help get new equipment installed at the park.  Congratulations to the 2021 Volunteers of the Year Ian and Stephanie Kinkley
NOTE:  Ian was not in attendance at the event.

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named 2021 Volunteer of the Year

The village is working with Wabash Communications and Illinois Fiber Connect to bring faster internet to the village. Faster internet means faster service and streaming. This will benefit people who work from home and those who stream TV.  Check out their website.


Village of Strasburg

105 East Commercial

PO Box 385

Strasburg IL 62465 

1.217.644.3007 - Phone

1.217.644.3005 - Fax

Village officers

Village President: Cinda Held

Board Members: Robert Anderson, Jack Clark, Jim Connell, Ian Kinkley, Maranda McClain, Kristina Moore

Village Clerk: Linda Oakley, Village Fiscal Clerk: Lisa Rincker


The softball field is ready for play. It received a new red brick surface funded through the Village park fund.  2022 Summer Schedule!  PLAY BALL!

​​​​Strasburg, IL